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Earlier in the year the Gallery started stocking Art jewellery by Lou McGill. Lou produced unique pendants and cufflink sets using her own artwork covered with glass. This line proved to be very popular and was extended to include a new series using Japanese Washi Paper. Washi paper is a traditional paper handmade from tree bark in Japan and is used for origam (Lou had previously used it for an encaustic origami sculpture featured in the Gallery).

Lou started the series with cufflinks and penants but following many requests for other items there is now a whole series of jewellery available in the gallery, including square, round and oval pendants, cufflinks, keyrings, small pin brooches,  bracelets, stud earrings, hanging earrings and rings.

Washi paper traditionally has repeating patterns featuring Japanese designs. Many of these include flower, tree, bird and fan motifs whilst some are fairly abstract. The jewellery features a wide range of colour palettes and designs and there are some matching sets available. Some of the designs have an art nouveau style (these are also stocked in the Macintosh Queens Cross shop in Glasgow).  The paper often has gold print outlines which works very well under glass creating a beautiful highlight to the desings and providing a textured effect.

These unique handmade items all come in colourful chinese silk purses which makes them an ideal gift.


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