Images of conflict – real, dramatised or imagined – pervade our culture, influencing our perception of conflicts past and present.

Whether we receive these images passively or actively engage with them, they are everywhere: from newspapers and dedicated news channels to movies, computer games and toys.

Whether informing or entertaining us, the effect is a blurring of authenticity: what have we seen? Was it real or imaginary? Who are the heroes and what, if anything, is accomplished?

The intention here is to produce a series of images about conflict that are reminiscent of something seen, an event or a film experience or a reported scene, a moment frozen in a single frame.

The initial impression is transformed by the realisation that the objects are very small toys, in a scaled-down context, lit like a shot from a film scene.

How should we read such images and how do they relate to our childhood imaginings? Indeed, are they imaginary at all anymore, or just another communication of something seen?


Clifton Stewart


Clifton is a script writer and has written for both TV and cinema. His award winning short films have screened at film festivals and on television all over the World. Clifton is Senior Lecturer in Media Production at Coventry University and also a part-time Lecturer in Fine Art, Lens and Electronic Media at De Montfort University, Leicester. He has also lectured part time at other universities including the Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio, particularly in screenwriting and narrative structure. He is also a photographer and has several websites. The photographs featured here are on the website.

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