Following on from last years Haiku Print series this new series uses the same technique to recreate the Romance of the Railways.  Original photographs taken by the author around Scotland have been taken through a series of processes to emulate a silk screen printing process. Originating in Japan this process became a popular form of mass printing in the 1920s and 30s, particularly for advertising. Artist Norman Wilkinson created a series of travel posters for Scottish Railways in the 1930s and these have been the inspiration for this series from Lou.

Large scale versions of some of these posters will be displayed in some of the Railway Stations on the Stranraer to Ayr line in Southwest Scotland. The posters also highlight the National Autistic Society (NAS) which is an important Charity for Lou as her son is on the Autism Spectrum. 10% of all poster sales will be donated to the NAS.


Lou McGill


Lou works with a range of materials to explore storytelling and language. Her pieces reflect strong interests in cinematic representation and classic literature. Much of her work is multi-layered, in meaning and format and she is currently exploring mixed media work to incorporate textiles and recycled materials.

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