This series is a body of work which explores the Arthurian legend and subverts the traditional narrative structures by making Mordred the hero. Arthur is cast as the villain of the story, grasping for power whilst Mordred rejects the role of king and frees the people from their bondage. In the water colours I introduce a number of characters from the traditional story and the intention is to work across a range of styles, materials and narrative structures. The work on display represents only a small fraction of the work planned, which will feature paintings, icons, digital images and sculptures.


Tim Gray


As an artist I have always been attracted to figurative work with strong narrative structures. I am also keenly interested in ancient and dark-age art. This interest in the language of art forms one of the many threads that inform my practice.

White square recessed frame with cream mount 50×50 cm. original watercolour painting

Buy one £125.00 each

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