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We are delighted to have another guest post from Life’s Little Ironies Friend Richard Cullen…

Are you dreaming of Spring?

In spite of or maybe even because of the snow on the hills, the gale force winds and the endless days of rain are you dreaming of Spring? Are you thinking of longer warmer days? Do you venture out into the garden between storms to inspect the now lengthening shoots of all those bulbs you planted last year?  Well here in the strange land of the pop up we are thinking of Spring too.  But for us Spring can only mean one thing and that of course is Spring Fling.  Those of you who have already seen this year’s Spring Fling brochure may have noticed that in addition to the Wings of Desire Exhibition being held in Life’s Little Ironies we are again opening a pop up gallery in Wigtown.

Yesterday we held our first meeting to discuss the pop up and like your Spring bulbs the ideas stored up over the winter are starting to shoot.  This year we will again be looking to bring to a wider public the talents of artists and makers from the Machars. We have some new additions this Spring, as well as some old friends who exhibited in last year’s book festival pop up.  We are very excited by the works on offer and we hope you will be too.  It is our mission to bring to light the hidden talents of those who live around us in the Machars. 

As a lover of abstract imagery, I am eagerly awaiting the work of our main ‘staircase exhibitor’, whose work is vibrant and intriguing and I look forward to welcoming the work of Penny Elder to my home. It will also be a delight to welcome back a great favourite of last year’s pop up Lynn Morley’s stained glass with its perfect balance of colour and form. I have also had a sneak preview of one of Lou’s new collections – for those of you who remember her haiku series last year you won’t be disappointed with this collection and you will be seeing a taste of it in one of our local papers next week or at a Railway Station near you…………….

So the work has begun, we have paced the house and decided on what goes where, we have talked labels, bags and bubble wrap – and you thought it was all art and inspiration!  I have highlighted the ‘must do’s’ before May on the ever present list of house renovation work to be carried out.  Now all I need is someone to do the work – which is easier said than done.

A new twist

And we’re ready to go……or are we?  Well actually no……because this year we are bringing a new twist to the pop up.  As you know the reason we embarked on this idea was to promote the artists and crafts people of our region, to champion the unsung hero of the garden shed workshop, the frozen attic studio and the outhouse darkroom.  We saw that if we could help to bring their work to a larger audience, then they too would be filled with enthusiasm and passion for this work.  The appreciation of a wider audience can only spur on the creative flow of the area which in turn will benefit the much wider community.  We have we hope in our way made a start but believe that a wider audience should indeed be wider than the confines of the Machars and if that audience won’t come to us then we will go to them.

So , we’re pleased to say that this year we will be taking this show on the road (I’ve always wanted to say that).  After we close the Wigtown pop up we will be packing everything up and heading up the road to Glasgow.  We have secured a wonderful historic and original venue for two weeks and we are thrilled at the prospect of bringing Machars artists and makers to a new metropolitan audience.  Of course this new element to the world of the pop up brings its own unique challenges – logistics, simply moving the amount of stock we plan to show will be a challenge – just how many bottles of prosecco can 150 private view guests quaff in an evening? And does that offer of a loan of the Grand Piano from Scottish Opera still stand for the evening entertainment?

However as I’ve said before, enthusiasm, passion, creativity and plain hard work can overcome more obstacles than anyone can imagine.  Cultivating these traits is far more productive than the time that might be spent filling out grant forms and waiting for the start of the new financial year that Spring brings and with it perhaps, the next allocation of funding. 

Spring is on its way and for us it means challenges, excitements, and the double fun of two pop ups in two very different locations with two very different audiences…..oh and keeping up with the day jobs……..there will be more on our pop up plans and our Glasgow venue very soon.


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