New artist Andy Priestman

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andy-priestman-potsWe are pleased to welcome Andy Priestman to the gallery. Andy, a renowned potter and painter is based in Minniwick, S.W.Scotland is a regular contributer to Spring Fling. We look forward to including Andy’s work in the gallery soon.

Tim and Lou went to visit Andy in his studio to look at his work and get a feeling for his process. His website provides a fascinating insight into the process of using a wood fired kiln for firing his ceramics.

Andy describes his work:
‘Clays, slips and glazes are made to recipes developed over many years and are refined and adjusted from firing to firing, as new materials are introduced. Ball clays from Dorset and Devon make up most of the two stoneware bodies I mix by hand,but the colour and textures are achieved by adding, or using as slips, local low- firing clays and Ayrshire fireclays, along with the granite sand of Loch Neldricken. Glazes are based on simple clay/wood ash and clay/ limestone combinations, along with feldspar, quartz and cornish stone. The glazes that were developed in the early days of high fired ceramics in China, Korea and Japan are an inspiration. The pots are fired with timber from a sawmill 14 miles away, to 1300C in a three chambered kiln. The wood burnt is offset by the 250 broad leaf trees I have planted.”

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