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This week I have unexpectedly been called home to Wigtown; for a consultant who spends long periods of time away from home coming home for whatever the reason is always a reason to breathe a sigh of relief. Being surrounded by the familiar and getting to sleep in your own room are things which cannot be undervalued. This bonus week at home has also meant that I have been able to make progress on the pop up. Not as you would think the Glasgow Exhibition though we are progressing well on this front – check out the Galloway Artisans Facebook page for the latest news on this. No, rather the pop up closer to home – in my case very close to home – I do of course mean the Spring Fling pop up in Wigtown.

For this Spring Fling in addition to the Wings of Desire Exhibition at Life’s Little Ironies in Whithorn, we will be using the Wigtown pop up as a précis show for the main Glasgow exhibition.

And progress has been very much required on the Wigtown pop up. A recent invasion of marvellous Polish builders and my absence in faraway Yorkshire had meant the Wigtown venue was looking slightly worse for wear. However these bonus days has meant that things are returning to normal and I was able to take delivery of our first artists work. This work is now hanging in the “staircase gallery” and what a joy it is.

pennyelderThis work is the work of Penny Elder who works across both print media and oils. The work primarily abstract is both enigmatic and stimulating. On first seeing Penny’s work I was not sure just how comfortable I would be living with (as I will be for the next month) these oddly questioning images. Yet as I manoeuvred the large canvases into different groups to see how best to display them to best effect the initial feeling of challenge faded to a feeling of calmness and peace which only increased as the canvases took their places on the staircase wall.

Having lived with Penny for the last few days I can only say that it is a joy to be stopped in one’s tracks as I run up the stairs; my eye caught by something in an image I hadn’t noticed before. Could I live with Penny in a long term relationship? Well, yes I could and I think you could to, but you will have to come along and see for yourselves during Spring Fling or at Galloway Artisans.

So life is full of surprises both good and bad and this week Penny has been a rather marvellous surprise……..

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